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About GreenHill Labs

GreenHill Laboratories was founded in March 2019 by Dr Shaun Groenink and moved into permanent facilities in July 2019 with just three inaugural team members.

Shaun, a Biochemist and Molecular Biologist, was joined by Dr Mark Bodley in December 2021. Mark, a Biochemist and Microbiologist, has extensive experience as a consultant in various management systems and the pharmaceutical and medical industries. 

After receiving SAVC-registration in November 2019, the Dairy Department was established in January 2020, still the only private commercial dairy laboratory in KwaZulu-Natal. ISO 9001 certification was attained in February 2020. March 2020 saw the COVID pandemic spread to South Africa, along with the economically devastating lockdowns. Despite this, SANAS accreditation was achieved in November 2020, and thereafter the four DALRRD approvals (Directorates for Animal Health; Veterinary Public Health; Plant Health; Genetic Resources). On top of routine SANAS surveillance assessments, GHL has also undergone several scope extensions to expand the suite of accredited tests to offer our clients.

GHL attained Woolworths’ approval as a laboratory service provider to Woolworths as well as all Woolworths’ suppliers in 2023. The end of 2023 resulted in the licensing of GHL to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) by SAHPRA, which probably makes us the most qualified laboratory in South Africa!

In April 2022, GHL partnered with HEPRO ( to establish a second laboratory which was established in Cape Town, to bring our brand of partnerships to the Western Cape regions. GHL Cape achieved SANAS accreditation in January 2023 with on-the-ground executive guidance from Ms Cherin Balt and Mr Alberto Lambrechts.

Our ever expanding team is always seeking out new, better, more efficient ways to serve you!

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Our team of experts consist of Masters and Doctorate graduates in the fields of Biochemistry, Genetics, Microbiology, and Molecular Diagnostics.

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  1. The management of GreenHill Laboratories (GHL) remains committed to upholding the Laboratory Quality Policy and ensuring it is effectively implemented across the organisation.
  2. GHL maintains and operates a Laboratory Management System (LMS) in accordance with current ISO 9001, ISO 17025, ISO 13485, IVDR (EU) 2017/746, Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), South African Veterinary Council (SAVC), Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development (DALRRD), Department of Health and Department of Trade and Industry standards, guidelines, rules, regulations, and expectations to effectively control, monitor and evaluate all operations, especially where the Quality of inputs and outputs is concerned.
  3. GreenHill Laboratories is committed to ensuring that samples are correctly managed and tested to conform to specified requirements and legislation, where applicable.
  4. Appropriate test methods and acceptance criteria shall be documented.
  5. All inspection, measuring and test equipment, whether owned or on loan, used to measure specified requirements of the sample / product, are controlled, calibrated, and maintained according to the requirements of the Laboratory Management System (LMS) and used in a controlled environment.
  6. As part of our Ethical Conduct, Client Confidentiality, Data Integrity, Impartiality and Prevention of Conflict of Interest will always be upheld.
  7. Measurable Objectives are defined for each LMS process to assist in maintaining a culture of Continual Improvement.
  8. All personnel involved with Testing / Analysis shall be appropriately trained and competent, committed to professional and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and consistent service, not subjected to undue pressure, will remain impartial, and free from commercial, financial, or other pressures that may compromise this, and are familiar with the relevant Laboratory and Quality Management System documentation, Policies, Procedures and Test Methods / Work Instructions.
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  1. GreenHill Laboratories is a testing, production, and consulting laboratory to the agricultural, food, healthcare, hospitality, pharmaceutical (including CAMS and cosmetics) and veterinary industries.
  2. GreenHill Laboratories accepts agricultural, biological, commodity, food, healthcare and pharmaceutical (including CAMS and cosmetic) samples for customers’ quality, legislative and compliance requirements. GreenHill Laboratories also produces products for hygiene monitoring and management.
  3. GreenHill Laboratories takes on a consultative approach to sample receipt, result release and product manufacture.
  4. GreenHill Laboratories also performs contract research, and design of Quality Control programmes or general laboratory testing schedules.
  5. GreenHill Laboratories’ Laboratory Management System covers, but is not limited to, the following general processes: Management System Administration & Performance Measurement; Customer Relations Management; Financial Management & Purchasing; Method Development; Laboratory Services; Human Resources.