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The Microbiology Team currently consists of ten members, with three members based in Cape Town at GHL Cape. This team consists of numerous Masters and Honours graduates.

Along with the traditional range of equipment one would expect to see in a Microbiology Laboratory, our Microbiology Laboratories are equipped with automated, miniaturised MPN instruments, automated colony counters, automated immune-assays as well as several Biological Safety Cabinets and Laminar Flows – all these ensure the most accurate, reliable and timeous results possible in the industry!

With our NPC and DoH registration, we also have a secure and dedicated BSL2 laboratory to handle most food-borne and non-notifiable veterinary pathogens.

Our Microbiology Department processes up to 3 000 tests per month, with capacity available.

Our Microbiology Department is situated in both Hilton (KZN) and Cape Town.

Our Microbiology Department services the following types of customers: